Frequently Asked Questions



  • Q: What is the cost to participate?
    A: $10 donation/deposit for a single entry and $150 donation/deposit for the entire season (17 entries).


  • Q: Is there a restriction to the number of entries you can submit?
    A: No, there is NO LIMIT to the number of entries you can submit. The more entries you submit the better your chances to win money and prizes. More importantly, more money goes to your favorite charity!


  • Q: Is there a minimum age requirement?
    A: Yes, you must be a least 18 years old (or older if prohibited in your area) to participate.


  • Q: When is the prize money paid out?
    A: Prize money won will be added to the participant’s/supporter’s account balance and can be used towards entry to other weekly contests. If requested in writing by the participant/supporter, payouts will be sent at the end of the football season.


  • Q: What if there is a tie?
    A: Due to the increase in the amount of players you must choose to fill your lineup, ties should not happen often. If there are ties, the participants/supporters tying will split the cash prize equally.


  • Q: When do games close for registration?
    A: Games will be open for registration up until 10 minutes before the game start time. We recommend that you register as early as possible to avoid the possibility of your exact game specifications not being available.


  • Q: What if one of my players does not play?
    A: If your player (or defense) does not play, he (or the defense) receives no points. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. You need to pick a starting lineup that will score the most points on game day and make smart decisions for questionable players.


  • Q: How do you deal with player scoring revisions?
    A: The statistics used for scoring are provided by an outside statistics provider (Fantasy Data). After the weekly games have ended we receive a final box score with statistics for each game. After receiving the final box score we then “grade” each game and award cash prizes accordingly. On a rare occasion, the statistics provider will revise the box scores after the final box score has been released. In the event of this occurring the player scores will not be updated and the graded games will not be revised. (Please note that this is different from a correction that needs to be made due to a problem with our data feed or system. In the case of these issues, we will fix the games and award the cash prizes in accordance with the true results).


  • Q: What if a player I want is not in the list of players?
    A: Sorry, you can only select players from the available pool. We have chosen the most relevant fantasy players from the player pool and think that you will be able to build a great roster from the group. In cases that a player has been hurt and their replacement is not listed, we will make sure they are included in the game for the next game. Everyone has the same available player pool so no one will gain an unfair advantage. If you continually don’t see a player you would like to have selected, EMAIL US and we will try to include them in future games.


  • Q: Is Fantasy Gives affiliated with the National Football League (NFL)?
    A: No, the Fantasy Maxam family of websites (Fantasy Gives, Fantasy First and Fantasy Football for Females) are NOT affiliated with the National Football League. Furthermore, Fantasy Maxam is not affiliated with the charities that receive money from this fundraiser program. Fantasy Maxam is a subsidiary of A.R.F., established in 2007 and a federally recognized 501c3 non-profit group (EIN: 26-0635103).


  • Q: Are fantasy sports considered gambling?
    A: NO, FANTASY SPORTS ARE NOT CONSIDERED GAMBLING AND COMPLETELY LEGALFIRST AND FOREMOST, THIS IS A FUNDRAISER TO SUPPORT NON-PROFIT GROUPS. THERE IS NO GAMBLING ASSOCIATED WITH OUR ANY OF OUR WEBSITES. The fantasy sports aspect of the fundraiser is solely for the purpose of entertainment and fun. The money and prizes provided are strictly there to generate excitement and increase participation for the fundraiser. ONLINE FANTASY GAMES ARE SPECIFICALLY EXEMPT from the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA), which prohibits gambling businesses from knowingly accepting payments in connection with the participation of another person in a bet or wager that involves the use of the Internet and that is unlawful under any federal or state law. The UIGEA defines a “bet or wager” to include risking something of value on the outcome of a contest, sports event, or a “game subject to chance.” The “game subject to chance” restriction is designed to include Internet poker, while FANTASY SPORTS ARE SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED from the definition of “bet or wager,” as long as any prize given to a participant is not determined by the amount of fees paid to enter the competition.




  • Q: How does a non-profit group, school, fraternity or sorority get started?
    A: REGISTRATION IS FREE by calling Fantasy Gives or registering via the website. Each participating charity must provide proof that they are a federal or state recognized non-profit group.


  • Q: What is the cost for a non-profit group, school, fraternity or sorority to participate in Fantasy Gives?
    A: There is NO COSTS and NO RISKS for the participating non-profit groups. All prize money is paid for by Fantasy Gives. Fantasy Gives even provides FREE MARKETING MATERIALS.


  • Q: What if my favorite charity is not listed for the designation of my donation?
    A: If your favorite charity is not listed, please contact us. We will make every effort to include them in future Fantasy Gives fundraiser events.


  • Q: What is required of the non-profit group, school, fraternity or sorority?
    A: There are NO FINANCIAL COMMITMENTS. Our single request is that non-profit groups promote the fundraiser throughout the entire football season (September to December). There are NO GIMMICKS, Fantasy Gives is here to help your charitable organization make this a successful fundraiser.


  • Q: How does a non-profit group, school, fraternity or sorority promote the fundraising program?
    A: Non-profit groups are encouraged to use any means they typically use to contact their supporters (website, email, newsletters, etc.). Fantasy Gives provides FREE MARKETING MATERIALS to promote the fundraiser (contact Fantasy Gives for details).


  • Q: How does the fundraiser work?
    A: Your supporters simply designate your non-profit group as the recipient of the proceeds generated by their entries. The game itself is simple for even the novice football fan. Fantasy Gives has established TWO COMPLIMENTARY FANTASY FOOTBALL SITES (Fantasy First and Fantasy Football for Females) to assist players with the games. Fantasy Gives manages the entire event to remove the burdens from your staff. IN SOME INSTANCES, WE CAN CREATE A PRIVATE LABEL FUNDRAISER (contact Fantasy Gives for details).


  • Q: What percentage of the revenue does the participating non-profit group, school, fraternity or sorority receive?
    A: Designated non-profit groups receive 70% of the revenue generated from their participants/supporters.  This is an extremely high return for a fundraiser, especially when you factor in there is no financial commitment, no inventory to maintain and minimal efforts from your staff.  Fantasy Gives provides analytical data for any requesting non-profit group. All funds are paid out to the non-profit group at the end of the football season.


  • Q: Can a non-profit group “private label” the fantasy football fundraiser without the Fantasy Gives name attached?
    A: Yes, we can and this is provided at no additional cost.  However, due to the high cost associated with creating and managing a “private label” website, this is an option available for larger non-profit groups only. The fundraiser will be hosted on the Fantasy Gives servers and operated by Fantasy Gives. We utilize a design layout that matches the marketing style of the participating larger non-profit group (contact Fantasy Gives for details).


Please EMAIL US if you have further questions and/or need additional information.


DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a gambling website. All contests are for entertainment purposes and the revenue generated will be provided to charitable organizations.